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Commercial to Outdoor


Commercial Lighting

G Moriarty & Sons can advise on, design and install energy-efficient lighting for clients across all sectors. As leading commercial electricians working, we understand the value of installing good-quality energy-efficient lighting not only results in a significant cost saving, but it can also greatly affect the well-being and efficiency of those working within your business premises as well as for visitors and impacts our climate.
That is why we have increased our knowledge and experience of all the latest developments in energy-efficient and LED lighting. This means that working alongside our trusted lighting suppliers and we can tailor o your projects specific needs covering both interior and exterior lighting, for maximum impact, for any commercial or industrial building situation.

Whether requirements are primarily aesthetic, for a one-off showpiece, an entire building, or for improved energy efficiency, we will provide the right lighting advice for your needs.

We consider safety, reliability, maintenance, installation and running costs as well as the effectiveness of your lighting system, tailored to your requirements. Drawing upon decades of experience working within commercial and industrial buildings, we really are the local experts in commercial and industrial lighting.

From Design to Installation

Our one-stop lighting service can start with our design tailored to your business needs right through to a full lighting installation service. Our own team of highly skilled engineers can take any plan and work with it to ensure a high-quality installation with the minimum of fuss and disruption to your business.

Residential Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Installation

With a wealth of knowledge in home lighting, G Moriarty & Sons can help you make the most of both your interior and your exterior spaces with our lighting design and installation service.

Indoor Lighting

The correct lighting can transform any interior. Our years of experience enable us to provide you comprehensive lighting design and installation service.
Whether you are in the market for subtle lighting throughout your home or a spectacular centrepiece for a single room. We have the expertise. With our knowledge of all the latest lighting trends, technologies, and innovations we can create a comprehensive plan for your home that will give you the maximum effect from your lighting.All installations are professionally installed by our own team of highly skilled and trained electricians, who pay particular attention to detail with regards to the building aesthetics, concealing cables where possible, and leaving your property clean and tidy. We also make sure that the system is thoroughly checked, tested and operational before we leave.

Using our own team of experts ensures that all lights that we recommend are installed correctly and work together to truly make the most of your interior.

Want more control?

We can also integrate your lighting with an intelligent lighting control system, giving you power over your lighting system using a remote or smart controlled device and which depending on specification are IoT (internet of Things) compatible.

Outdoor Lighting

Whether for atmosphere, security or both, there is a host of outdoor lighting options for any exterior space. G Moriarty & Sons are aware of all the latest outdoor options available to you and can design an installation that will provide just the right amount of light in all the right places.

We can also control your exterior lighting installation with an intelligent lighting control system to give you ultimate control over your lighting environment.